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  • 2009 Annual Report Appendices

    Town of Hortonia 2009 Annual Report Appendices 1. Salary Comparison per request from 2009 Annual meeting 2. Resolution R2010.4.3 - Compensation of Town Officials 3. Resolution R2010.4.4 - Compensation of Town Officers for FEMA-related Tasks 4. Sample Ordinance - Clerk Appointment 5. Town of Hortonia...
    Posted to Various Public Documents by Andrew Hogan, Clerk (4/2009-4/2011) on 04-12-2010
    Filed under: 2009, Ordinance, Resolution, Town of Hortonia, Annual Report, Salary Comparison, Appendix
  • Resolution 2009 Dec - Changing Polling Place

    Resolution number R2009.12.1 - Changing Primary Polling Place from Town Hall to Fire Hall WHEREAS the Town Board shall designate a polling place by resolution pursuant to Wis. Stats. § 5.15 (4) ; WHEREAS Wis. Stat. § 5.25 does not require the Town’s polling place to be within the Township;...
    Posted to Resolutions by Andrew Hogan, Clerk (4/2009-4/2011) on 12-10-2009
    Filed under: 2009, Resolution, HHFD, DEC, Elections, Polling Place, Fire Hall
  • Resolution 2009 Aug - Awarding Building Inspector Agreement

    Resolution number R2009.08.1 - Awarding Service Agreement for Town Building Inspector James E. Emmons is hereby awarded the Service Agreement for the Town Building Inspector. The Agreement is to be signed by said party and the Town Board and made effective at the next Town Board meeting on September...
    Posted to Resolutions by Andrew Hogan, Clerk (4/2009-4/2011) on 09-01-2009
    Filed under: 2009, Resolution, AUG, Agreement, Building Inspector
  • Resolution 2009 Aug - Authorizing Town Credit Card

    Resolution number R2009.08.2 - Authorizing the Clerk to Procure a Town of Hortonia Credit Card The clerk of the shall apply for a credit card for the Town of Hortonia from the Wolf River Community Bank with a maximum credit limit of $500.00. Use of the credit card will be limited by the terms pursuant...
    Posted to Resolutions by Andrew Hogan, Clerk (4/2009-4/2011) on 09-01-2009
    Filed under: 2009, Resolution, Town, Credit Card, AUG
  • Resolution 2009 Jun - Opposing Prevailing Wage Law

    Resolution number R2009.06.1 - Opposing Proposed Changes to Wisconsin Prevailing Wage Law In support of the Wisconsin Town Association's (WTA) position on the Prevailing Wage Law legislation, the Town of Hortonia adopted the aforementioned resolution. The May 2009 WTA Newsletter, page 4 & 5,...
    Posted to Resolutions by Andrew Hogan, Clerk (4/2009-4/2011) on 08-08-2009
    Filed under: JUN, Prevailing Wage, 2009, Resolution
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