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Resolution 2011 MAR - Compensation


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Resolution 2011 MAR - Compensation

Town of Board of Supervisors Resolution number R2011.3.1 "Compensation for Appointed Town Officials"

This resolution does the following:
• repeals any previous resolution authorizing a compensation schedule for appointed town officials and replace it with the following compensation schedule:

     Appointed Official                 Compensation           
Election Worker $10 / hr – election setup, meetings, training
Election Worker 51¢ / mile – travel related to training
Election Worker $5 meal reimbursement per work shift
Election Worker $10 / hr – Election Day*
Election Worker w/certificate* $12 / hr – Election Day*
Plan Commissioner $30 per diem; $12 / hr – tasks completed
Appeals Board member $30 per diem; $12 / hr – tasks completed
other appointed official $10 / hr – tasks completed
• full per diem when presiding over a meeting with quorum
• reimbursement of reasonable expenses with bona fide receipt
• 90 days to submit request for reimbursement to clerk

* Election Day refers include hours past midnight required to complete tabulation
* GAB certificate of Basline training per §7.31 Wis. Stats.

Town electors set the pay of the Town Board. Town Board sets pay of appointed officials. This resolution sets the compensation schedule for appointed officials.

On March 8, 2011 the Board approved the compensation schedule.

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