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PC Mtg Mar.2 2011 Sanders Overview


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PC Mtg Mar.2 2011 Sanders Overview

1 page (double-sided, ie. 2 page) handout / overview of WLP (Working Lands Program) including key components, and 7 questions relevant to WLP inclusion into Town’s zoning ordinance:

  1. What should the minimum lot size be for nonfarm residences on base farm tracts within exclusive agricultural districts?
  2. The Town currently has one agricultural district (A-1 Prime Agriculture). How many new agricultural districts (if any) should be created to meet the farming needs of the community?
  3. If the Town creates new Ag districts, how small should the minimum lot sizes be?
    • A-2 General Agricultural
    • A-3 Agricultural Transition
  4. Should the Town have more than one Farmland Preservation District?
  5. Should the Town impose a supplementary conversion fee to fund agricultural preservation?
  6. If so, what should that fee·be?
    • $100 / acre?
    • Percentage of WI DOA conversion fee?
  7. How will the Town determine which parcels remain in A-1 andwhich transition to another Ag district?
    • Parcel size?
    • Location?

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