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Pub. Hearing Feb. 22 2011 Evidence Ex.2


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Pub. Hearing Feb. 22 2011 Evidence Ex.2

Exhibit #2 received by Town Clerk on 2/17/2011

February 15, 2011 letter from WI DNR Floodplain Zoning Specialist Richard Koch. This letter opines that reexamination of the compliance of the existing property in regards to shore land and floodplain zoning is an issue that is not properly before the Town of Hortonia's zoning Board of Appeals. Referring to Outagamie County Circuit Court Case No. 95-CV-366 and 06-CV-789, DNR concludes that the issue has been thoroughly litigated and has resulted in a decision that the Magadanz property is not in compliance and must be brought into complaints. This letter is in support of the variance request as long as it is the minimum amount necessary so that compliance with Outagamie County's Floodplain and Shore Land Zoning Ordinance can be achieved. The letter will be entered as evidence at the Tuesday, February 22, 2011 Public Hearing of the Town of Hortonia zoning Board of Appeals regarding a setback variance request concerning parcel 120-0283-00.

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