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Resolution 2010 Apr - Board Compensation


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Resolution 2010 Apr - Board Compensation

Town of Hortonia Electors' Resolution number R2010.4.3 "Compensation of Town Officials"

This resolution does the following:
• repeals any previous resolution authorizing a compensation schedule for town officials and replace it with the following compensation schedule:

Town Official Annual Salary Per Diem Hourly Wage
Chairman $6,000 $50 $12 / hr
Supervisor $3,500 $50 $12 / hr
Treasurer $7,500 $50 $12 / hr
Clerk $15,000 $50 $12 / hr
Constable $1,200 $50 $12 / hr
Election Worker $0 $0 $12 / hr
Plan Commissioner $0 $30 $12 / hr
Appeals Board $0 $30 $12 / hr
• gives Town officials an annual salary increase of 3% each year
• gives Town officials per diem for a full day event; half per diem for half-day event
• prevents Town officials from collecting per diem for 'normal' work
• insures Town officials are paid hourly for specific duties listed
• pays Town officials hourly wage for updating the Town web site (capped)
• advises the Town Board to set a compensation schedule for travel expenses, including mileage, lodging and meal expenses as well as costs associated with programs of instruction related to the officer’s or employee’s office or employment
• stipulates that no change may be made in the compensation of the office that applies to the current term of office

Town electors set the pay of the Town Board. This resolution adjusts the pay of the Town Board and related officials to be more consistent with neighboring municipalities. In April of 2009, the electors made a motion to have the Town Board present an advisory schedule of salaries and compensation for Town Officials at the next annual meeting.

Currently (2010), Town Supervisors (including the Chairman) are not paid a salary or per diem. Supervisors are paid per meeting. Hourly wages are only paid for work done by Town officials that falls outside the duties of each respective official as described by state statutes. This resolution will set the pay of Town officials beginning April 12, 2011. !! CLICK HERE !! for April 2011 Election information.

On April 13, 2010 the electors voted: 16 ayes, 2 nays, 4 abstained; !! CLICK HERE !! for the minutes to the meeting.

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