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Resolution 2010 APR - FEMA Compensation


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Resolution 2010 APR - FEMA Compensation

Town of Hortonia Electors’ Resolution number R2010.4.4 "Compensation of Town Officers for FEMA-related Tasks"

This resolution authorizes compensation not to exceed $12 per hour to any elected town officer employed by the town in an employee capacity for tasks unrelated to his or her regular responsibilities as a town officer pursuant to Wis. Stat. §60.37(4) as well as for FEMA related tasks.

This resolution is recommended by the Wisconsin Towns Association. In the event of a relief effort coordinated by FEMA, if this resolution is not passed by the Town, then compensation of Town Officials working under the direction of FEMA would be paid by the Town of Hortonia. If this resolution is adopted, compensation would be paid by the Federal Government. For more insight into this resolution, please see the Wisconsin Towns Association web site.

On April 13, 2010 the electors voted: 20 ayes, 0 nays, 1 abstained; !! CLICK HERE !! for the minutes to the meeting.

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