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Map: 2026 Future Land Use - Jan. 26 Pub. Hearing Testimony


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Map: 2026 Future Land Use - Jan. 26 Pub. Hearing Testimony

Town Officials use this map, labeled "20-YEAR FUTURE LAND USE" in the heading and "REVISED: 03/15/10" in the legend, to guide planning, zoning, development and related actions. This map updates and replaces the map found in the Comprehensive Plan document.

The Town of Hortonia held a Public Hearing on Tuesday, January 26, 2010 to receive public comment on an updated 20-Year Future Land Use Map.

A revised [rev 1] 20-year Future Land Use (FLU) map was entered as testimony at the Public Hearing by the Town of Hortonia in response to a January 6, 2010 letter from City of New London Mayor, Gary Henke, requesting his written comment be entered as evidence [Exhibit #1]  regarding an amendment to the Town of Hortonia comprehensive plan, updating the 20-yr FLU map.

The Town Board adopted the Ordinance amending the Comprehensive Plan with the revised, updated map on 2/9/2010 [rev 1 - previously posted on this web page]. This map was revised by Omnni on 2/17/2010 [rev 2 - previously posted on this web page] and again on 3/15/2010 [rev 3 - currently posted on this web page] to correct mapping errors noted by the County. These corrections were of a clerical nature to express the intended FLU mapping, resulting from the Public Hearing and exhibits entered as evidence at the Public Hearing.

All landowners in Hortoina Township are welcome to download and review the 20-yr FLU map and provide comment at any time. Town Officials ask that you circle the map (or find some other, clear way to identify the part of the map in question) and mail your comments along with hightlighted map to the Clerk. The Clerk will forward your proposed adjustments to the FLU map to the Plan Commission who will take them under advisement when the next map revision takes place.

Note: No updates / changes to the map's future land use designations can be made without a prior Public Hearing which requires a prior 30-day notice.

Please click the 'Download' button next to the GREEN arrow to download the map.

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