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Budget Summary for 2010


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Budget Summary for 2010

Town of Hortonia 2010 Budget Summary

This Budget was discussed at the Special Town Board meeting on November 5th, subsequently revised, then reviewed and approved on November 10th at the Monthly Town Board meeting. It was again revised and presented on at the Public Hearing on November 12th at the Town Hall at 7:00 p.m.

The minutes of November 12th will reflect that this budget totalling $477,519 was approved by the Board of Supervisors, and, the Town Electors used the $280,878 figure from the budget to set the Town levy

Clerk's note: the WI Dept. of Revenue set the unadjusted levy limit for Hortonia at $314,477 - when adjusted to reflect debt obligation, the adjusted levy limit was $511, 983. The Town's levy of $280,878 not only falls well below the $511,983 figure, it falls below the D.O.R.'s $314,477 - in layman's terms, the Board could have easily taxed the snot out of the Town folks, but chose to exercise restraint with slow and steady debt reduction, dipping into cash reserves to offset revenue reductions and expenditure increases.

Clerk's summary: yes, taxes are going up this year; no, the Treasurer had nothing to do with it; yes, taxes could have gone up a whole lot more than they did. !! CLICK HERE !! for more information from the Clerk's Blog.

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