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Press - Voters turn out in numbers


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Press - Voters turn out in numbers

-- Newspaper clipping --
Thursday, November 9, 2006
by John Faucher
(Posted with permission from the Press-Star, a division of Journal Community Publishing Group)

Voters Turn Out In Numbers

Forty-year veteran poll worker Adeline Marks of Hortonia, smiled as she placed voting ticket number 528 on the registry Tuesday night. It was an 81 percent turnout for the small rural town, and another exercise of freedom in the history books.

Neighboring towns and villages also experienced a high voter turnout. Hortonville Village Clerk Lynn K. Mischker reported the village experienced their best ever mid-term election turnout with 1062 ballots cast. Mark Green received 571 votes and Jim Doyle received 455. Nelson Elsman of the Wisconsin Green Party received (25) votes in Hortonville. In the U.S. Congress race, voters chose John Gard (554), over Steve Kagen (472). The 40th District Assembly race was closer with Republican Candidate Kevin Petersen receiving 580 votes and Democrat Dan Naylor receiving 508.

Voters in Hortonia also reflected their republican loyalty. Three hundred-seven votes went to Mark Green and 198 votes went to Jim Doyle. Voters also selected Republican John Gard (294) over Steve Kagen (216). In the 40th District Assembly race, voters selected Republican Kevin Petersen (315) over Democrat Dan Naylor (173).

Voters in Hortonia favored the death penalty 321 to 178, and the majority of voters were also in favor of the marriage amendment 397 to 117. Voters in Hortonville were also in favor of the marriage amendment casting 733 votes for the amendment and 294 votes against. Village residents also were in favor of the advisory vote on the death penalty 642 votes to 371.

In the Outagamie County Sheriff's race Brad Gehring defeated Travis Thyssen 674 to 341 in Hortonville, and 365 to 138 in Hortonia.

Voter turnout was also exceptionally high in New London. Clerk-Treasurer Jim Villiesse reported over 65% turnout already by early evening on Tuesday. Results were still not tabulated by press time at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Adeline Marks and Alice Lathrop (l. to r.)

FIVE HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT voter tickets adorn the desk of Adeline Marks and Alice Lathrop (l. to r.) in the Town of Hortonia Tuesday night. Both Marks and Lathrop have over 40 years experience working at the polls. Eighty-one percent of registered voters in the town showed up for the recent mid-term election.