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Forms and Applications

Name Date Downloads Comments
Form: Rezoning / Variance Request
Town of Hortonia Rezoning and Variance Request Form. NOTE: Include maps, plans, etc. that may be...
08-08-2009 546 0
Application: Building Permit
WISCONSIN UNIFORM BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION State of Wisconsin Application Form: SBD-5823(R.01...
08-08-2009 439 0
Form: Objection to Assessment
OBJECTION FORM FOR REAL PROPERTY ASSESSMENT Wisconsin Department of Revenue Form: PA-115a (R. 11...
08-08-2009 496 0
Form: Raft Registration
Wolf River Fishing Raft Application and Registration WI DNR Form 3500-073.Hortonia (R 03/10) All...
08-08-2009 669 0
Form: Driveway / Culvert Permit Application
Application for Driveway / Culvert Permit pursuant to the terms of the Access Ordinance and the...
08-15-2009 426 0
Form: Address Request
Address Request Form Outagamie County Planning Department Application Form ID: 08-08 !! CLICK HERE...
08-15-2009 318 0
Form: Wi State Sanitary Permit
SBD-6398 Sanitary Permit Application ( submit to county ) (R2/09) State of Wisconsin Department...
08-15-2009 338 0
Form: Building Permit Requirements
Building Inspector: Jim Emmons 779-6810 / 779-0094 FAX Town of Hortonia Building Permit Requirements...
08-15-2009 677 0
Form: WI State Voter Registration Application
WI GAB-131 (Rev 06-2010) Wisconsin Voter Registration Application State of Wisconsin, Government...
09-21-2009 378 0
Form: Conditional Use Application Form
Application for Conditional Use Form NOTE: click the 'Download' button next to the green...
09-23-2009 340 0
Form: Notice of Timber Cutting
Notice of Timber Cutting Form If you are going to be cutting wood (harvesting raw forest products...
10-01-2009 482 0
Form: Application for Operator's License
Application for an “Operator’s” License to Serve Fermented Malt Beverages and...
03-11-2010 342 0
Form: Final Plat Application
Final Plat Application for Conservation Design Subdivision Form approved by Plan Commission on 4...
04-08-2011 348 0
Form: Preliminary Plat Application
Preliminary Plat Application for Conservation Design Subdivision Form approved by Plan Commission...
04-08-2011 443 0
Form: Concept Plan Application
Concept Plan Application for Conservation Design Subdivision Form approved by Plan Commission on...
04-08-2011 409 0
Form: Application for CSM approval
Application for Minor Land Division (via CSM - Certified Survey Map) Form approved by Plan Commission...
04-08-2011 365 0
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